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No Excuses... 2011 will Rock!

Well... the new year has come. I for one LOVE the new year. I love to put the past behind me and start fresh. Sure it's really just a new calender on the wall, life doesn't really start over, my problems haven't magically been wiped clean. Yet, there is something about a new year that is undeniably exciting. That little hope that this year will be better, this year will be happier, this year will be amazing! 

As much as I enjoy writing, there is one thing that I don't do. I do not write down annual goals/resolutions. Seriously... none at all. I guess I just don't like the pressure of actually putting something down in writing... reminding me of what I am not. But don't worry, I am not completely devoid of dreams and aspirations. I have found something that works better for me... AFFIRMATIONS. 

I am a huge believer is positive affirmations. Writing down concrete goals can often lead to disappointment... but writing, reading and reciting affirmations will lead to transformation. Say for example, if I have a goal to write a book, instead of saying... "I will write a book in 2011" I create affirmations that will help me do so. Such as... "I love to write! My mind is a magnet for ideas. I am able to effortlessly express my thoughts into words. Creativity flows freely through me." Next think I know I will have written three books.

I help my children write their own affirmations. During their toddler years we repeated affirmations such as... "I am a good girl. I am loved. I like to share my toys. I love to sit on the potty. I always keep my panties dry." as they got older they had affirmations such as... "I am amazing. I am smart. I love to read. Learning is fun. I have lots of friends because I am a good friend to everyone. I belong to an awesome family who love me".

I have affirmations to manage stress. I have affirmations to promote good health. I have affirmations of peace, of love, and to remind me to enjoy life's simple pleasures. I think reciting positive affirmations just might be the secret to a happy life. It's not about wanting or wishing for something. The act of wanting just affirms to you that you lack that thing. It is about changing your mindset to believe. Believing you are already who you need to be to attract wonderful people, feelings, things and experiences into your life.  

This is not some New Age way of thinking. This stuff is even in the Bible. Check out Mark 11:24 (KJV)...  "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Awesome huh! Believe proceeds actualization. That's it... nothing to it!

So what do you think? Would you like to give it a try? I have compiled a list of the 18 affirmations from the book Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.
(a favorite person of mine... seriously, this man is an incredible spiritual teacher) These affirmations have been created by Dyer to counter nearly any excuse you may have to not accomplish that which you desire. Choose the ones that best describe the excuses you would like to overcome and who you want to be, and read and recite them often. ( the affirmations, NOT the excuses.)

2011 is going to be an incredible year... I know it!  Love to you my friends!

Wayne Dyer’s Motivational Affirmations

Stop Making Excuses and Start Enjoying Life


Excuse #1 - It will be difficult.
Affirmation - I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.

Excuse #2 - It's going to be risky.
Affirmation - Being myself involves no risks. It is my ultimate truth and I live fearlessly.

Excuse #3 - It will take a long time.
Affirmation - I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my own destiny.

Excuse #4 - There will be family drama.
Affirmation - I would rather be loathed for who I am then loved for who I am not.

Excuse #5 - I don't deserve it.
Affirmation - I am a divine creation, a piece of god. How could I be undeserving?

Excuse #6 - It's not my nature.
Affirmation - My essential nature is perfect and faultless. It is to this nature that I return.

Excuse #7 - I cannot afford it.
Affirmation - I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.

Excuse #8 - No one will help me.
Affirmation - The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.

Excuse #9 - It's never happened before.
Affirmation - I am open and willing to attract all I desire beginning here and now.

Excuse #10 - I am not strong enough.
Affirmation - I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my source.

Excuse #11 - I am not smart enough.
Affirmation - I am a creation of the divine mind, all is perfect and I am a genius in my own right.

Excuse #12 - I am too old or I'm not old enough.
Affirmation - I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.

Excuse #13 - The rules won't let me.
Affirmation - I live my life according to divine rules.

Excuse #14 - It's too big.
Affirmation - I think only about what I can do now. By thinking small, I accomplish great things.

Excuse #15 - I don't have the energy.
Affirmation - I feel passionately about my life and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

Excuse #16 - It's my personal family history.
Affirmation - I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.

Excuse #17 - I am too busy.
Affirmation - As I unclutter my life I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

Excuse #18 - I'm too scared.
Affirmation - I can accomplish anything I put my mind to because I know I am never alone.

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  1. I love Wayne Dyer too! Thank you so much for this post, just what I needed tonight.

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